The bad is that I haven't posted in a while. The good is that means I have a lot to post.

"Basic Needs" is based on the New Yorker article "The Last Drop" by Michael Specter, featured in the October 23, 2006 issue. The article focuses on the global supply of freshwater, particularly in India. The actual condition of the assignment was to creatively illustrate four terms, of which I picked "it's a gray area." Then I searched editorial websites for "gray area" and found articles that I would want to illustrate, including this one.

I've posted "Basic Needs" to my site, and retired a few images that I may post here later.

"Thylacine" is my first copperplate etching. I've posted the aquatint of it over at girls who draw. The etching is inspired by an article in Plenty Magazine, "All Creatures Great and Small" by Alisa Opar, about cloning zoo animals and extinct animals.