The weather's turned, the leaves are all manner of gorgeous colors and I've been able to dress in layers, all simple events that are miraculous after four years in Sarasota.

I've moved into an apartment in a building that might have been a hotel, where I can keep my gesso brush in the fridge. This gives me no end of happiness on both accounts.

While the website design and update is developing, I have a part-time job for a bookstore, I've sold prints and paintings directly to a few buyers and I'm teaching figure drawing for an online course that found me. On my own time, I have two rooms and a closet of studio space that I work in, although my paintings still need to be hung.

At the beginning of this month, I participated in my first group art show in the area for Rude and Bold Women of 2008. I was unsure of the reception that my work would receive but everyone was friendly and helpful and they really enjoyed my pieces.

Within the week, Shawn Tan's Canadian release of Tales from Outer Suburbia will be out. I'm awaiting my pre-ordered copy, as well as a copy of Gary Kelley's new book, Dark Fiddler.