That new product smell.

New tinasweep.com re-design!

My simple website re-design and update has just been finalized and launched, due to the not-so-simple coding efforts of my sister, Cas, who is a website developer and designer for Absolute Marketing Group.

CSS and I are still on rocky terms, but my sister coded everything to meet the key goals for the design as follows:
1) Employing CSS instead of iframes to make the site more search friendly with cross-browser usability
2) Using html-text to avoid excessive use of image-text
3) Allowing for easy illustration updates in the code and design through cut and paste tactics
4) No pop-ups, flash, or extra buttons to complicate the design and site interaction

Eventually I intend to separate my oil paintings from the illustrative work, probably through the use of a subdomain.

Overall, I enjoy the pattern and repetition created by the thumbnail gallery and how well the site works across different browsers within the limitations of the design concept: simple, effective and immediate.

Thank you for your hard work, Cas!