Got slammed by a flu or cold this weekend, which I'm still woozy and recovering from. I did see that Coop of A Patchwork of Flesh received my submission to his online blog gallery of Frankenstein's monster.

I assume from my portfolio work, people don't see me drawing dark pieces but I do like to make them. I just like to make the dark aspects subtle. With Frankenstein's monster, the surgical procedure of the creation is the part that intrigues me the most, even though I feel ill when looking at real surgery photos. The bolts and nuts have become a quintessential physical aspect of the monster, and in this case, I envisioned how they could be incorporated without putting them in the flesh as a part of a restraining device.

In the meantime, after reading the original description of the monster, I did a piece heavily influenced by Jenny Saville. The only problem is that it does not evoke what has become the popular assumption of
Boris Karloff's Frankenstein's monster at all. Still, it was fun to draw and intriguing in how the second drawing begins to take on a more sinister aspect, even though that was unintended.

The request for work for A Patchwork of Flesh was a fun expendature of time and creativity.
It was also a great excuse to explore new materials and their effects. For everyone who wants to submit, no matter what the level of artistic training may be, visit the blog for more information. All submissions welcomed and encouraged! Thank you, Coop!