Books, Clothing and Accessories

Out today through Delmar Cengage Learning is Michael Fleishman's new book, The Drawing Inspiration: The Visual Artist at Work.

"Drawing Inspiration is a one of a kind text for beginning illustrators. This book examines the relationship between academic and professional illustration through the ideas and first hand experiences of professional illustrators working in the field today. With hundreds of diverse hand-rendered and digital images, readers can explore a world of illustration that has no limits. While learning the fundamentals and basic principles of illustration, readers will also gain insight on how these concepts can be used in the professional world. Drawing Inspiration will not only educate readers, but it will also inspire them to reach their full artistic potential."

It contains words of wisdom from a wide variety of incredible and inspirational artists, including Peter Cusack, Marcos Chin, Marshall Arisman, Jack Tom, Dice Tsutsumi, Andrea Wicklund, Drew Struzan, Shaun Tan, Sterling Hundley, Yuko Shimizu and many more!

I was lucky enough to contribute to this book, which is all the more relevant as I continue to teach figure drawing for the Academy of Art University.

Another t-shirt is available through Mysoti, continuing the obsessive crazy animal theme:
The Night Owl tee by tinasweep. Available from MySoti.com.

My sea monster squid has been skinned, flavored with a little William Morris and slapped on a laptop.

For the formal occasions, a plain, ugly wallet that I'd nearly thrown away was transformed from blah:

Into a personal handmade clutch or shoulder purse:

The bookstore I am employed at is closing at the end of January and I will be moving onto some exciting charitable illustrative opportunities. I'll also continue to teach, be rewarded in it through the development of the students and, of course, pay the bills. For the first time in two years I will be able to visit friends and family out of state. 2010 is shaping up to be a positive year.