Sketchbook Pages V: Ross Park Zoo

Sketching adventures through the nation's 5th oldest zoo:

The Amur Leopard has a passionate dislike of machines that make loud noises.

The tiger on the right took a break from his nap while I was sketching to stand up on his hind legs and greet me face-to-face from three inches and a pane of glass away. I never expected I would ever stare down a tiger in my life.

The Great Cats of Asia exhibit is housed in a beautifully designed massive wooden cage. It seems old and weather beaten, which just adds to its appeal.

The colors of the building and surrounding landscape are quite marvelous, too.

I've never seen a bald eagle in person before. Luckily, the zoo has three and they can be very communicative at times.

The crows are rescued animals that cannot be released back into the wild. These crows have clipped wings as a result and can only fly the short distances in their cage.