The holidays, changed.

Thanksgiving, along with the rest of the major holidays, is a family event. Grandma cooks and bakes and hosts the family party, and spreads her love among us. She has always been the center of the holidays.

This October, my Grandma had an accident at her home and passed away. It's hard to experience the effects of the loss away from my family, especially during the holidays when she meant so much to us. I worry about my Mom and my Grandpa, and I think of what is now missing.

I also think about the memories that I carry to remember her by. In August, when I visited my family for my sister's wedding, afterwards I spent a few days with my Grandma. Together, we went to the Kandiyohi County Historical Museum, home to the Great Northern passenger train No. 2523.

"Twenty-Five, Twenty-Three" is a collograph print, created in memory of my Grandmother and the day we spent together, not knowing it would be one of the last.

I am appreciative for all of the memories.