Florida to New York (and then over to Minnesota)

I was waiting to post until I had better news than 'I'm coping with living out of boxes', but no. At least there are plans in motion that should resolve the big box debacle of 2008 relatively soon.

Good thing I do have brief highlights of the long road trip I took in May with my mom that I can post.

It started with a last visit to Publix for a Publix veggie sub and a bottle of flavored tea. I will greatly miss those subs and the simple and effective packaging design on Publix brand name products. We also picked up a bag of the Publix Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips because Publix has amazing food products.

We stopped at South of Reality--I mean, South of the Border. The billboards every few miles though South Carolina really sold us on visiting fake Mexico and its bounty of random creature statues.

Sometime during Day 2, Virginia welcomed us. At least I think it was Day 2.

Then we spent a lot of time driving somewhere, at some point. Probably not a good thing, since I was the one driving to get us to NY.

In Chadd's Ford, PA, I bought a bunch of lovely art books and we took many pictures of the gorgeous scenery. Of course, I was most enamored with a small rusty door.

Then, because we were close, New York, New York. For Mom, the food and attractions were good, but the noise and constant motion was not good. I'm glad it's all good for me.

As we only had a day to spend in the city, we took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry. I will be returning specifically to visit Ellis Island for as many hours as possible.

Of course, we stopped over at the Society of Illustrators, where my Basic Needs illustration was on display as a part of the student show. I picked up the 49th Annual and the 2008 Student Competition Catalog, both which feature my work!

(In mentioning the Society books, my illustration was used for this year's Art Directors Club National Scholarship poster!)

After unpacking the car, I needed to drive Mom back to Minnesota. On the way we had to visit the Field Museum. Two words: Tsavo lions.

During the road trip, my nephew was born, so we hurried home to see him for the first time. To be honest, I'm not a baby person. They're far too delicate and unresponsive for me to want to touch. But I'm really looking forward to buying him children's book and comics by Shaun Tan and my friends when he's old enough.

In the end, I made my way back to the beautiful ivy-covered brick house where I'm staying. Or at least until I move again.