To make a post after a long absence is always a challenge. But it becomes easier after that, or so I hope.

I have some work from Printmaking and Illustration left over that I want to get caught up on before anything else.

"The Beautiful Things" is a series of 20+ chine colle prints, using the same etching on a multitude of different postcard backgrounds. The postcards actually came from a sheet of decorative paper with rows of old postcards printed on it. I cut the paper apart according to the postcards and used them as the background to a radio aquatint etching. The pattern I printed on thin Japanese paper via solvent transfer and then glued to the postcard as I printed each piece.

This radio print was made, because I love dry-point etching and to use as stationary for my thesis proposal that I framed and set up with my thesis presentation. I really love the tone that occurs when plates are wiped unevenly or sparingly.

"Over the Land" is another deep copperplate etching in the style of my other train print. This one shows a greater understanding of how to use china marker, Sharpie, and lithocrayon, I think. On the advice from Chris of Stakenborg Fine Art in Sarasota, I've been admiring Joseph Pennell in conjunction to these prints.