Ticket & Anticipation

Recently, I ordered and received a signed copy of Cory Godbey's 28-page paperback illustrated book Ticket.

is a story in pictures and a collection of all things Cory loves to draw. From windmills flying above grassy hills to massive birds landing in Grecian vineyards, Ticket follows the story of a girl, her hat, and the curious events which transpire."

Reminiscent of Shaun Tan's The Arrival, the adventurous story is told through visual art without any text. Perhaps what I enjoyed best was knowing the journey of how it came to be, from thumbnails up to the final compilation process, through Cory's blog. Holding the final product in your hands after you've been partial witness to how it came together is always special and awe-inspiring.

Ticket can be purchased from the Studio Portland store for a mere $12.

Speaking of Shaun Tan, I'm very excited for the release of Tales from Outer Suburbia, available October 28th in Canada from McClelland & Stewart or February 1st in the US from Levine. I'm not sure who to trust on this but I can't not be ecstatic about a new Shaun Tan book.

Edit: Visit the links below for two interviews with Shaun Tan, thanks to Drawn.

Shaun Tan and Inspiration from 12/2008.
An interview with Shaun Tan from 1/2009 about the conception and creation of Tales from Outer Suburbia.