Sketchbook Pages VIII: NYC

I am newly returned from a fabulous promotional trip to NYC alongside fellow illustrator, Joanna Estep. Despite the unexpected highs in the mid-90s and multiple blisters on our feet, we prevailed and walked our way across half of Manhattan to distribute portfolios.

In addition to promoting and walking, we visited Jo's friend and Vertigo's Madame Xanadu artist, the delightful Amy Reeder, to talk shop, eat, share inspiration and get a peek of the current issue in progress. Check out her gorgeous comic art at her website as well as at the nearest comic shop near you!

Quite unexpectedly, we managed to walk by the Illustration House, where I enjoyed getting up close and personal with a number of Bernie Fuchs's stunning pieces. Of course, I loved seeing the Rackham, JC Leyendecker and Jessie Wilcox Smith originals that I remember from my first visit.

Thursday night we also hit up Sketch Night at the Society of Illustrators where I ran into the lovely and talented Lisa Fields. For an alternate view of the same models, take a look at Lisa's sketchbook pages from the same night over at her blog. The surprise company was grand, the models were great and the live music was worth the cover in and of itself.

If only the trip could have lasted longer, who knows what or who I would have run into accidentally next.

In the end, I successfully promoted my portfolio, made new friends, enjoyed familiar sights and past company, lost a little weight and gained more experience in navigating the streets of Manhattan. Fall semester classes have begun and my students are busy familiarizing themselves with the AAU's online classroom, so it's back to work teaching and illustrating for me.