Last month I celebrated a very special birthday and I spent the day enjoying it to its fullest as a food-lover and an artist by restaurant-hopping and drawing my meals.

You can well imagine the stomach ache I ended up with after all that food, but it was well worth every bite of grits, biscuits, sausage, eggs, raspberry iced tea, soup sampler, open-faced ham and apple sandwich and dessert sampler.

This month I also celebrated another very special but different anniversary as the one year anniversary that I began a journey to transform and improve my life. From last year to this year, I worked every day to achieve a healthy lifestyle and lose 90 pounds. It's extraordinary to know that just last year I was fighting obesity whereas now I am in the best shape of my life. Through all the ups and downs, I have been reaping in the benefits every day and I am greatly looking forward to continuing this journey of healthy living for the rest of my life.

This change has lead to fun little moments of creative inspiration, such as when I designed a personal home menu to organized my meal options. It was certainly a joy to whip up and it's functional!

Finally, the good news keeps coming as I also produced on a series of illustrations for a children's story in which the author was inspired by Zhuangzi's famous butterfly dream philosophy, taking on a whimsical view of the question of self and distorted perspective. Both subject matters that match quite well to my artistic views and work in style.

Here's to another exhilarating year of continued hard work, fortune and success!